Welcome to Strategic Economic Analysis

Strategic Economic Analysis is an economics consulting firm specializing in loss analysis in civil litigation. The firm is run and operated by Kaycea Campbell. I provide economic reports and advise to both plaintiff and defense attorneys on cases that involve personal injury, wrongful death, employment disputes, healthcare loss analysis, and lost profits from business cases.

Clients are welcomed from all over the country. I am a competent researcher that has published articles, cases, and provided analysis on cases involving economic damages. As a trained economist with quantitative and technical skills that is grounded in scientific theory, I can help juries understand how to value and analyse earning potential or calculate losses based on a set of variables unique to each case. This will be effective and highly useful in discovery depositions.

Please find a sample of past articles and cases that will help attorneys have an understanding of the scope and nature of the methods used to provide economic analysis.

Kaycea Campbell Resume